"Everything that was BIG in the 80s to early 90s on your Radio & MTV!! Pop, Rock, Dance, New Wave, R&B, Hairbands & One Hit Wonders! We Play "The New Classics Of Generation X"

 That's the slogan and the concept, however the birth of MY Generation Radio originated in the early 2000's when the Owner/Program Director Marv Willard began experimenting with his love of everything 80s on what was then known as Shoutcast. Willard set up a private server and began broadcasting to the world. Through many books, charts and research he compiled what has now become The New Classics Of Generation X Library. Frustrated with so many stations and their lack of knowledge and dependence on consulting firms and souless automation, Willard was determined to create a station that was every bit as exciting as a new station and that played all the classics he grew up with and not just the oversaturated. Willard's vision was to capture Popular Culture in the eyes of a Gen X kid with promos in between songs that would bring nostalgia and fun into the mix with movie quotes, song clips and retro effects. He also decided that the 80s didn't end when the ball dropped on New Year's 1990 and that music for the most part stayed the same for the next few years and most of it is compatible with the 80s as it's a continuation and many of the same core artists. Through out his journey he played the station in his game room while he and friends would shoot pool, while interning for WKTK- Gainesville, FL and at his own itialian pizza place Marv's Pizza in Poca, WV. He notes having a good friend Jim at KSTZ- Des Moines, IA and Mark with AllAccess Music Group to talk over ideas with as well as a dear friend named Jamie from Lake Charles, Louisiana who he met through a 80s/90s fans unite site who he said shared a similar love of the idea and concept that gave him some great ideas and feedback along the way. All of this is important in the conception of MY Generation Radio.

  Fast forward 2018 and Willard returns to work for Graziano's Pizza Dunbar Express where he's worked on and off since he was in high school. Willard remembers telling the IT Department in 2004 when he worked in Kanawha County Library's Computer Room that his idea would be able to be streamed on people's phones as they drove just like FM/AM/XM Radio one day as he recalls to much mockery. After Willard and Graziano's Dunbar Owner Craig Newton decided that MY Generation would be a nice fit for the express restaurant's atmosphere the rest like they say is RADIO HISTORY! The Best Pizza meets The Best Music as thousands of cult listeners and loyal customers agree.



Marv Lee Willard

Owner-Program Director


Oversees songs added to rotation & programs the playlist. Programs clockwheels, produces promos & jingles for marketing. Handles compliance with ASCAP & RIAA.

Craig Newton

GM-President Skroob of Graziano's Radio


Nothing goes on the air without the consultation of President Newton.